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  • The Saab 105 is a high-wing, twin side-by-side seat configuration military trainer aircraft, with twin turbofan engines and multi-mission capabilities. This aircraft, later denominated as the sk60 by the Flygvapnet was the product of a private venture by Saab following the success of the S 35 Draken. Military and civil roles were planned for the ...
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world war 1 plane planes


World War 1 saw the introduction of the aero plane in a reconaissance role. However the capability of combat roles for aircraft was quickly realized leading to period of rapid development and exploration for active fighting roles.

world war 2 plane

World War 2

World War 2 ushered in technological advances that were nothing short of revolutionary. The undeniable significance of air superiority was decisive at numerous points during this period.

coldwar plane

The Cold War

The Cold War’s nuclear arms race paralleled the rapid development of the jet engine. New speed and altitute records were constantly set and broken in a golden age of engineering and space exploration.

modern war plane

Modern Warplanes

Modern Warplanes are undetectable by radar, capable of engaging targets beyond the horizon, and have the capability to be entirely automated and remote controlled.

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