The Importance of Military Heritage

Plane Encyclopedia Supports Military Heritage

Military events have significantly influenced history, and this is why military heritage is considered to be extremely important as captured by online resources such as Plane, Tank and Naval Encyclopedia. Many of the most significant events shaping history have associations with national defence and conflict across the globe. Preserving military heritage helps us to comprehend important societal ideals and traditions. Every country is unique with regards to its military heritage and how it is expressed through events such as air shows, festivals, museums and military parades.

Military heritage events serve as a way for people with vested interest therein or simply the casual and curious among us to learn more about a countries military history. Military heritage events exist because of people with similar interests who come together to honour and celebrate their shared military heritage. The seventh annual Military Festival was held at the Voortrekker Monument in South Africa on 1 May drawing roughly 4000 visitors. Exhibits included modellers, private military memorabilia, re-enactors of South African conflicts and their equipment as well as the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) displaying a Olifant Mk2 and Rooikat 76D.

An anti-poaching demonstration was carried out by Group73 using Alouette helicopters.

Plane Encyclopedia donated a one of a kind “South African Gripen-C poster design” as an incentive for visitors to take part in a research initiative carried out by a local university in establishing their motivation for attending the military festival.  The Gripen C was designed by our very own Edward Jackson while the vehicle specifications were researched by Dewald Venter from Tanks Encyclopedia.


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